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I have created a YouTube channel where you can find playlists and related video channels.


Center for Ecoliteracy
One of the leading centers for ecological education.

Cloud Institute
A leading center for training and curriculum development devoted to education for sustainability.

Dreaming Planet Earth
A curriculum for envisioning sustainable communities.

Facing the Future
Multiple curricula for incorporating sustainability into curricula.

Gaia Education
Curricula for envisioning ecovillages

Project Looks Sharp
Many excellent media literacy related materials for sustainability and climate change.

E-waste, Green Technology and Conflict Minerals

Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics
A guide for rating the ecological impact of electronics companies.

Raise Hope for the Congo
An excellent resource for information about conflict minerals

Media and Environment Networks

The Ecology, Environment, Culture Network

“The complex contribution of electronic media culture to the current ecological crisis can only be adequately mapped, understood and addressed by uniting experts on each of its constituting components. These range from the natural resources and technical procedures involved in producing and disposing of electronic goods, via the ethics and aesthetics of consuming those goods, to the economic and political conditions which structure these processes and/or prevent them from changing…Establishing a research network dedicated to investigating the full spectrum of environmental challenges posed by new media technologies is a significant step towards bringing the important work that is already being done on these matters to a critical mass, which in turn will have the potential to bring about real change in industrial, political and everyday practices.”

International Environmental Communication Association

“Our mission is to advance the practice, study, and teaching of Environmental Communication in civic, political, educational, business, and cultural contexts. We are a professional association of teachers, scholars, artists, practitioners, students and organizations involved in Environmental Communication around the world….The IECA aims to be a nexus for Environmental Communication professionals and supporters. This website will provide up-to-date information about projects and opportunities for collaboration, as well as serving as a storehouse for related information and materials. IECA welcomes members from all nations, communities and environmental interest areas. Please join us.”

Institute for Sustainable Communication

“All life and all communication involves flows of energy, matter and information, but it is the capacity to communicate through the use of print and digital media that defines the human species. The extent to which we communicate, learn, collaborate and coordinate our actions in a sustainable manner will determine the fate of humanity and the quality of life enjoyed by current and future generations… ISC’s mission is to raise awareness, build capacity and foster the widespread adoption of economically viable, environmentally restorative and socially constructive uses of print and digital media.”