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Media Education Summit, Boston (Nov. 21, 2015)

Supplemental materials for the workshop, “Bridging Sustainability Education With Media Education: Methods, Techniques and Hands-on Approaches From Practitioner Experiences in the Field,” at the Media Education Summit, Nov. 21, 2015.

Sox Sperry (Project Look Sharp) and Antonio Lopez (John Cabot University)

Workshop description:

Because the integration of environmental sustainability with media education is an emerging field, this workshop will introduce a variety of sustainable education approaches and concepts that media educators can incorporate into their work. This workshop is intended to be a hands-on, practitioner-oriented space to explore curriculum design, activity development and pedagogical approaches to environmental sustainability and media. In this interactive workshop, participants are invited to share their own ideas and experiences, and also to experiment with ways they can develop further the relationship between ecology and media in their own work. The three presenters have varied experiences and represent very different approaches to media education and sustainability. Topics include techno-literacy and gadget research; ecopedagogy; constructionist decoding strategies; youth activism and civic engagement; and alternative media. The workshop facilitators will also share examples of current research that demonstrates the effectiveness of different approaches.


Antonio Lopez: Boston-greening-digital-media.pdf
Sox Sperry: Sperry-Med-Ed-Summit.pdf



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